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Bad memories, no remedies
Not sex, not single malt
And rise has ever been the cause
for a man to fall

Yea, life is out to hurt, life is out to hurt
you won’t find a way out of the dirt

You think you’re superhuman
When all of them have failed
You think you’ll beat the chemistry
And not become a slave

But do you feel the chains
The marks that will remain?
Forever in some corner of your brain
You better get used to some

Pain, Pain, Pain
It’s a tricky, tricky game
Pain, Pain, Pain
Yes it’s life’s second name, it’s
Plain, plain, plain
that it’s a dangerous game
Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain

At gunpoint with his hands tied
A man might still crack a smile
But the burn of a sweet woman’s eyes
makes him squirm and cry

Yea, love is out to hurt, love is out to hurt
Surprise, surprise, no matter what you’ve learned

Been said, been thought, been done before
But I’ll check the facts again
Yea, chewed at least a million times
so much I don’t understand

Like a woman’s train of thought, a woman seems well wrought
Thirty years, and still don’t know the score

Pain, Pain, Pain
It’s a pretty sticky game
Pain, Pain, Pain
Yes, it’s love’s second name
Pain, Pain, Pain
it’s a very complicated game
Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain

Comes the crunch, ticket-punch
Climb up so damn high
A loser on a winning streak
Collects dimes, neglects life

Life is gonna hurt, as soon as you learn
You can’t buy your way out of the dirt

All my posessions, aquisitions
Cannot fill my empty hall
And I would use my fancy phone
If I just had someone to call

Yea, life is out to hurt, life is gonna hurt
Yea, when have shortcuts ever worked?!

Pain, Pain, Pain
it’s a wicked, wicked game, it’s
Plain, plain, plain
they’ve got everything you name
Pain, Pain, Pain
it’s an inscrutable game
Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain

Be careful what you wish for
When you’re flirting with the stars
The track is sloping down
and then they raise the bar
Life is gonna hurt
Life is out to hurt
Jimmy, Janis, Norma, Elvis, Kurt

Glitter on the outside
Inside is the dark
Bitter turns the sea
Once you embark

Have you no sympathy, I need your charity
Are you gonna let me bleed?!

Pain, Pain, Pain
it’s a tricky, tricky thing
Pain, Pain, Pain
Yes it’s hard to stay sane
Fame, Fame, Fame
It’s a dangerous game
You can’t hide whence you came

© Tantric Cycle


released April 29, 2014
Words/Music: Lez / TANTRIC CYCLE



all rights reserved



"TANTRIC CYCLE are exactly the type of flat out rock and roll we need nowadays. The Austrian rockers take no prisoners, and nor should they. In an era where you are more likely to come across watered down nonsense within a click of a radio dial,these boys are here to save the day. A promising glimpse of pounding bass, murderous guitars and high octane." -Pete Angell / Black Velvet Magazine UK ... more

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